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Okay, I finished hooking up the pretty TreeView control with the rest of the crap on that window. Basically, you select a class, then select a component, then select a hardpoint to mount it on, then click "Attach", and it attaches that component to that hardpoint, assuming they're compatible classes.

Yeah, I know it still looks like shit right now. I'm hoping it will start to look nicer when I write the code to display the compounded creation tommorrow afternoon.

From a design point of view, the way the pieces fit together could possibly allow for an even higher degree of customization - if the player were allowed to access the object editor in-game to outfit his own equipment with components bought and salvaged it would be a really cool thing. And would score me that nasty Economic element. I'm putting it on the to-do-later list, simply because I want to get the core stuff out of the way. Giving the player the option to outfit their tank with chrome exhaust pipes of +2 shinyness doesn't really matter to me much right now, not as much as getting the critical parts up and running.

I'll probably allocate tommorrow and the next day to finishing up the Object Editor, unless something exceedingly nasty comes up. Then I'll figure out what to do from there.

Oh, you'll also notice the never-before seen "Base" component class. This essentially acts as a stand-in root node for the other thingamabobs; which means we can have things like buildings and soldiers and stuff constructed from the same system, since we don't have to start with a tank-specific component like a Chassis. Its like another level of indirection :D

But yeah, bleh.
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