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Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...

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Been poking around with some reflection and attribute stuff with C#. I am pondering rewriting a good deal of the moe GameObject code to cut down on some of the heavy copy/paste involved with some of the event triggering, discovery, and serialization. I'm not sure it'll be much better. There's no easy way to generate the event fields/code at runtime, and it'll be a pain to do some pre-build process for it. It'd be better if you could somehow wrap/inherit Properties, or if C# supported overloading operator=...

Otherwise, not much progress on moe or the music player. I've an interview tomarrow which seems fairly ideal; entry level application development. Normally I'm not nervous about interviews, but I am for this one. AppDev positions are pretty scarce with all the ASP nuts up here and I need to get something soon or this quit/move/buy house gambit will blow up in my face, despite taking all precautions...
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