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So XMen 3 was pretty good. I never touched any of the comic books (the medium in general tends to be a little too corny for my taste, with only a few exceptions) so I really don't care about the "canonicity" of any of it. As such it was a good movie, and quite impressive in that it's the third movie of a trilogy and didn't suck. That's no mean feat in the world of trilogies.

Unfortunately, I am obligated to hate the movie simply because it is commonly referred to as "X3." Bastards.
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Eh... I dunno. Some comic-movie translations were pretty bad (Craptastic Four, anyone?) but others work pretty well. X3 was at least more acceptable on screen; CG mutant powers and such are a lot less hard to swallow than pages of primary colors, neon spandex jumpsuits, and "BIFF! WHAM! URHHH!! AAAAIIIEE!!" crap that typically floods the comic medium.

Oh, sorry - "graphic novels."


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Original post by ApochPiQ
Oh, sorry - "graphic novels."

Wikipedia says:
A graphic novel (GN) is a long-form work in the comics form, usually with lengthy and complex storylines, and often aimed at more mature audiences. In contrast to a comic book, a graphic novel is typically bound using materials of more durable qualities, using a light card stock for softcover bindings or a heavier card for the hardback editions, enclosed in a dust jacket. This is dues to the graphic novel's greater liklihood of being placed for sale in bookstores rather than on a comic book's original point of sale, the racks of a newsstand. The term can also encompass a short story collection, or collected issues of previously published comic books republished in a single large volume.

The terms aren't exactly interchangable, and unlike what most people seem to think "graphic novel" isn't just something created to add extra credibility, it refers to the presentation of the publication. Many start out as periodical comic books.

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