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Another Day in the Life. . .

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We were able to get a hold of Kevin today. He suffered the loss of a few trees, and his power. Hopefully, he'll be back online soon.

On Saturday, our son (3 years old) broke his femur going down a big inflatable slide. He now has a cast from his right ankle, up around his waist, and back down his left leg. They have to immoblize his knee, and both hips for him to heal correctly. It's the total pits for him.

On the up side, no vascular or nerve damage as far as they can tell, and they don't think they'll have to put any screws or plates in for it to heal correctly.

Well, he's yelling for me so I must go. He's going to be SO spoiled!
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Ugh, sorry to hear about the kiddo. That's gotta be rough on 'em, because they're not quite sure WHY they're all tractioned up like that.

Hope he's taking it well.

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He's actually doing quite well, considering. He's starting to get pushy and demanding though, which does not go over well in this house! I'm sure that will get worse as the "permanence" of his situation sinks in.

Anyway, it must mean he isn't in as much pain, if he can be snotty!

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