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I've been attempting to add native TI-83+/TI-73 application support to Brass. Testing with Flash Debugger has been an entertaining experience, not least thanks to helpful messages like:

I haven't managed to get a signed application running in Flash Debugger or on hardware yet - I suspect the header is wrong - but seeing as the demo application has a different header structure to what the header generator creates, and both have generally conflicting information, I need to find some better resources.

If you want to sign applications from C? via Wappsign, this wrapper around the COM object might be useful. You'd use it like this:

// Sign the app (where BinaryFile is the filename of the .hex file to sign)
try {

AppSigner Signer = new AppSigner(AppSigner.Mode.DetectType);

// Get the key file
string KeyFile = Signer.GetKeyFile(BinaryFile);
if (KeyFile == "") throw new Exception("Couldn't find the key file.");

// Get the output filename
string SignedAppFilename = Signer.FormatOutput(BinaryFile);
if (SignedAppFilename == "") throw new Exception("Couldn't establish output filename.");

// Sign the bugger
int Signed = Signer.Sign(BinaryFile, KeyFile, SignedAppFilename);
if (Signed != 0) throw new Exception(Signer.GetErrorMessage(Signed));

} catch (Exception ex) {
// Didn't work as it should
DisplayError(ErrorType.Error, "Could not sign application: " + ex.Message);
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Recommended Comments

That error message is pure gold!

For work I have to write various functionality in a proprietary language. While it's quite effective the designers didn't see fit to include descriptive error messages.

My favourites are:
"Syntax Error" + dump of all code to screen
"Link Failure" + dump of all code to screen
"Expected Expression" + dump of all code to screen

Along with lots of neat features like varying syntax depending on the structure of your code. The best I've got for 100 lines of code so far is 1 typo... but it takes 5-10 minutes to fix because it's so hard to find.

Things are getting better though as they improve the core products.

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.NET's Bitmap constructor that takes a filename complains "Parameter is not valid" rather than "File not found" if you pass it an invalid filename, which is fairly cryptic.

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