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Hmmm, nevermind?

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Ok so I sat down to fix the rogue memory access errors and guess what? Yes, none will manifest themselves, no matter how hard I try to get them to rear their ugly heads. I'm sure there's a ghost in the code somewhere, so I think I'll spend tomorrow hunting it down. Time for liberal use of the assert() macro, I think. In fact, I think I'm going to build in a trace stack, so I get a running list of all the actions taken to get to a given point. I'll have some sort of drop-out stack, wherein the old traces automatically fall off the bottom of the list. I still want to get my particle system template thing up and coded. I think I'll use my ol' faithful friend Xml for this task. It'll be a useful exercise for me to mess around with #develop and code a particle designer in C#. But that's another story...

More tomorrow, I need sleep.
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