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I'm pretty angry at my job right now. I went to a status meeting only to find out that the project manager decided to change things so most of the tests would be executed directly on the target hardware instead of remotely using the application I've been working on.

Honestly, this reeks of poor planning. I wasn't working here yet when the original decision was made to do the testing remotely, so I've just been going along with the design they put forth to me when I started my internship. Quite frankly, if we had decided this before the absolute last minute, we could have been writing tests two weeks ago.

I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, because I was well within my time budget and actually gave them significantly more functionality than was originally envisioned. Still - we'll be forced to use it for some tests that require host-side emulation of other hardware.

It's especially aggrevating because I can clearly see how misdirected this project is - our customer its difficult to work with and our internal management leaves something to be desired. Yet I am not in any position to do anything about it as an intern - I don't think my 40-something bosses would appreciate a 19-year-old college student telling them how apparent it is that they are the reason we're over-budget and barely coming in at the deadline.

Bah. I'm going to cut out early and go pay the woman a visit.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of software development!

By the way, I noticed a few entries back you wanted to know about some sort of turn-based strategy game set in Egypt. Was it the indie game Oasis you were thinking of?

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