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Giving lethargy a bad name...

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So, its been a bit. And not a lot has gotten done in the last few weeks, for one reason or another.

However, in the last few days I have managed to pull mu finger out a small bit. Figuring that its more important to have a working version that isn't quite everything I want just yet is better than having something that just doesn't work (which I suppose is "The Right Thing"), I decided to scrap the idea of using the LZMA algorithm and 7z format for the time being. Instead, I used SharpZipLib to use zip, and so far everything is working wonderfully. I abstracted the functionality out to an IArchiveHandler interface, so when it comes to actually getting the original idea in there, the changes will be trivial. Famous last words.

Apart from that, the only changes made have been getting some more of the GUI up and running. Nothing overly exciting just yet.

And now I have Half-Life: Episode 1 to provide further distraction. See you all again in another two weeks [rolleyes]

BotH: Since work has been pretty slack lately, I have been spending a few of my paid hours indulging in one pleasure that I really don't give myself a lot of time in - reading. Finally getting through Lawrence Lessig's wonderful Free Culture, I have just finished the slightly less wonderful, somewhat out-dated UNIX Haters Handbook, and have just discovered Prentice Hall's Bruce Perens' Open Source Series. Between these, two Asimov's and a few programming books competing for my attention at home, I think I'm going to be kept going for some time yet.
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