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Of Vista and Broken Servers..

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So, MS have release Beta to the developers and IT professionals world... however, in the process it appears their servers have fallen inwards under the weight of 4.2billion people trying to grab the beta.

Which is annoying.

The 32bit version takes forever to download if you take the direct route and the download manager is an annoying pos and the 64bit version claims to be 13meg in size...

So, yeah, hosed.

In brighter news, due to a timing error it turns out my SSE code is infact close to 4x faster than the C++ code, taking just 25ms to convert a 1920*1200*32bit image from RGBA->YUV... which is nice.

I think i should stop tinkering with it and build the rest of the support library around it and test out my ideas...

I guess I can do that when I wake up and try to download vista again... but now, Scrubs and sleep call...
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You getting Vista as an MSDN subscriber (or similar)? Or have they done a proper public release of B2?

I remember seeing a comment in the MVP newsgroups about the RSS announce of VS2005's availability on MSDN. Apparently that completely destroyed their servers as almost everyone jumped them at the same time [lol]


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