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Assignments Complete

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Assignments have now been completed.

I have checked my overall Accounting %age which sits at 78.955%. Not bad considering that I don't own the text book (and the last assignment required me to use a table of data out of the book... there went about 20% [grin])

Time to use some time to read Magician (again), work on Empyrean Gate, and study for my Exams...
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Is that the Magician by Raymond Feist? Cause that book is one of my favourites.

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Yes, that be the book. I have the 20th anniversary edition personally signed by Mr Feist. This was one of the first fantasy books I read and got me completely into the Genre. I really wish I were Pug or Macros [grin]

One of my favourites of all time. I did come to enjoy Janny Wurts a lot more though, Katherine Kerr, Ian Irvine, and Robin Hobb are also high on my list :)

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Yea, Pug - one of my favourite characters (Alfred from Deathgate saga is great as well) was awesome and Macros grew quite well into his armor. I only know Robin Hobb from your list: The tawny man trilogy, assasins trilogy and liveship books bring tears of joys as I reminisc on them. Those books were truly great. Right now trying to get through new Robert Jordan book and new Song of fire and ice book.

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Macros grew into his Armour? I didn't think he HAD armour?! :)

Or was it Tomas you were talking about? He was also cool, but in a somewhat more disturbing way. I prefer Magicians to Warriors in stories, yet the other way around in Games [grin]

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