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So, what am I up to?

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I've (officially) been a member of GDNet since November 2000, and I'll bet not a single person here knows me. My original intent, when I joined GDNet, was to learn DirectX well enough to produce my own game. It has morphed over to to using game development to enchance my programming skills; however, that little desire - the desire to be a god-like entity - has remained with me over these few years. So, I've now shifted focus - yet again - to creating a real game.

That game - The Never World - is in the pre-alpha stages. Because I'm a college student, progress is painfully slow, but it has been chugging along for the past few months.

Right now, after a few months worth of work, I have:

A 2D tile engine
A map editor
A customized input/output buffer
LUA script integration
Basic player movements
So many linked lists that I want to hurl

What I've learned is that the programing aspect of this game is not the real challenge. No, the real challenge is getting around to actually coding something. After a good 12 hours coding my own input/output buffer system (with buffered keyboard text) I was ready to break my monitor. Sadly, the monitor died before I had a chance to take out my Louisville slugger.

I've also learned I get a really neat surge of, uhm, pride whatever I complete a task (such as the map editor, or getting LUA to work right). It's not as good as sex, but hey, I'm a single dork, so I'm not getting any action, anyhow ;)

If you're interested, you can grab a pre-alpha copy of what I'm doing at Here

I'm LordKaT, and yes, I'm a guy. I've always thought the "lord" made that part abundandtly clear.
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