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Okay, I'm beta

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I don't have the install program written, but everything else is ready.

Hence, I'm officially beta 1 today for the standalone versions of The Code Zone Daily Puzzles.

If you're interested in being a tester for 'em, email me at john@thecodezone.com. I'd prefer that you be a player of the daily games. I also expect some bug reports. These games are pretty complete, so I'm not expecting a long beta period.

Here's the high-level schedule for The Code Zone. . .

1. Standalone games install program

2. Finish the e-commerce part, including the downloader

3. Finish Duck Tiles (bug fixes)

4. Finish Bulldozer (music is on the way, needs more levels)

5. Six more daily puzzles

6. Standalone versions of those six
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Does it matter which platform we are on? I know that you can make standalone Flash apps for OS X.

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Unfortunately yes. I have all the parts necessary to do an OSX version except for the Mac itself. I'll need to write some SQLite glue in Applescript to do the database, but otherwise it'll be dirt-simple to port these games to OSX.

I might have to invest in one. Desk-space is gonna be a problem, so I'll probably have to go with a Mac Mini and a KVM switch.

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Cooooool. [grin]

Yeah, the Mac is fairly big for casual gaming; Professor Fizzwizzle sold more on the Mac than on Windows (boggle).

Wait until August; Intel's reducing their dual core prices as of July 23 and Apple will probably drop prices or add features to make up for it.

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