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Cadet Skippy!

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Here is a cadet:

These are by far my favorite non-boss enemies so far in the game. You've probably noticed that alot of enemies in this game simply move until they hit a wall, and than turn around. The Cadet will move until there is a wall, and than actually jump onto the wall, and continue going.

It also happens to be the toughest non-boss enemy in the game, given that it moves fast and is constantly jumping around. This will be the only enemy you fight in Level 6(besides Commander Awesome), but that doesn't mean this level will be easy.
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Well, when I put them on the map I also have to specify where is the farthest left they can travel and where is the farthest right. In the game, they won't be falling off cliffs, but if I didn't have those left and right boundries, they would fall.

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