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I've been meaning to make a long post about things, but work's been busy and I haven't gotten around to it.

But I just wanted to make a simple note.

There's a church down the street from my apartment, United Methodist church. They are tucked away in a small building, and thus use one of those changable-letter announcement signs for advertising their existence.

Up until last week, I always got a kick out of it because it used to say "Meth Church", since it's a small sign.

I guess they finally wisened up, since this week they finally changed it to: "Sun Worship 8:30".

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That's nothing. Our local Dairy Queen sign reads "U R POO"!!

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The best one I've seen was a nice parody of google. It has the letters CHURCH like on the google front-page in different quirky colours and beneath it had the search box with "Looking for God" in the box.

Quite appropriate the "I'm feeling lucky" button then...

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Did you ever play Roberta Williams' game "Dagger of Amon Ra?"

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Ra? Bah, all the cool people know that Amaunator is where it's at, despite his being dead and such. He was also the god of bureaucracy, which I don't quite get. I dunno, maybe the sun is supposed to shine on it to create open government?

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