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The death and rebirth of Glowman!

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Hopefully without Glowboy, a robot Glowman, a cyborg Glowman, alien Glowman, a talking dog, and Goth Glowman.

That was comic book nerd humour for those of you who are also enormous nerds. Those of you who have self-respect, please disregard it.

Anyway, you can die in Glow. And you can respawn at the last checkpoint you encountered. It's starting to come out to be a real game now. Boggle!

Effectively, you can respawn instantly without need for a reload, so monsters you took down before your death will still be dead. You could probably exploit this to make the game way too easy, but I'm convinced that hardcore players will enforce rules about how many times they can die, and besides they'll be going for the speedrun anyway. [grin]
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Wow that looks pretty sweet. Though, if I may make a suggestion, maybe you should add a "Life" system, where you start with x lives, and if you reach 0, then you have to start the entire mission over. But until that happens, they can revive with all the dead guys still dead. Then it wouldnt be exploitation, it would be a part of the game.

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Eh. I'm definitely adding a hardcore "Survival" mode that doesn't allow you to respawn.

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