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Nutshell: I suck at software development.

I'm a big fan of the "bottom->up" method of software development, where you code from the bottom up. The problem is that I never really take the time to plan out my steps very far, which yields much frustration.

I shouldn't have skipped "Software Development Principles"...

But yeah. Pain in the arse. With each editor I keep telling myself "Okay, I'll start at the high-level and work down" but it hasn't actually happened yet. Well, I tried to do it with the Mission Editor, but failed and am now working on that from the bottom up.

Basically, I need to be fired from a few jobs for incompetitence before I actually get the idea. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that everytime I apply for a programming job I get turned down.

I wonder why LOL [lol]

EDIT: On a side note, the export code for object sets is finished, just have to write the import code and then I need to fix the graphics stuff. I've been using the GUI functionality (which is bork bork bork) to render the maps and tanks and stuff up until now, and its pretty basic. I need more stuff, like rotations and shiznit. And, as previously mentioned, its currently pretty bork bork bork. Major overhaul is in order - fasten the hatches and prep the drydocks.
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