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Here is a recent shot of the game.

Some of the new changes :

- more furniture, another statue, and fleshing out of the temple level
- 3 different cult enemies - Cultist, Inquisitor and Confessor
- changing weapons now causes the char's hand to drop to his side before the gun is switched.
- When enemies are hit, they make a bit of blood mist. Sounds gorier than it is. It really helps to see when you successfully hit the enemy. The blood splats are sent out behind the char, and the mist out front.
- Hooked up more char sound fx. Enemies now have sounds for alert, hit, death and threaten.
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That looks really decent! what about the bloom, are you planning to remove it from the game or was this just a test without it?

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The bloom amount and color is specified in the level file, but can be forced off in the render settings. I turned it off while adjusting the lighting a couple of weeks ago, and never really missed it - I'll probably take a look at it with it back on and see which way I want to go with it...

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I can't believe this is the same game I saw in your journal a few months ago, this is amazing.

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