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Random stuff

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Well... yesterday was quite a hard day. I have changed the ftp access code for the companies update service and had to test 4 applications against 3 different ftp servers (java ftp implementation, unix/linux ftp and windows ftp). Fixed some bugs and had some fun when 18 PDAs connected in the same time to my java ftp server. This morning I sent out the apps to our clients...

Today I'm going to start my research on a new update service for the company. Currently they take the date and time as a hint wether yes or no they have to update a file on the PDA/server. Unfortunately, this mechanism doesn't work with FTP servers since
you cannot do a real time synchronisation (dependently on the server you don't get the year and/or the hour of a file; you cannot change the file creation time manually to a given date). IMO a database containing the binary data files would solve all our problems but I doubt that I can convince my colleagues *and* our customers.

A friend of mine is going to open an online publishing company in a week or two. The game I did for him (actually it's the 3rd game that's going to be published with my engine; I told it in my first blog) currently is in testing and although I thought it has passed my own personal beta test (tm), he found a bug that I have to fix this evening. I also have to do a couple of other minor things such as testing the data consistency.

Yesterday evening I browsed the ATI website because I wanted to download the new RenderMonkey. And there I stumbled onto the speech held by Richard Huddy about Speed Optimizing and such stuff. Quite interesting. The most interesting part was his talking about the triangle throughput and terrain rendering. It was something like : "Don't bother about Roam or any other LOD implementation for terrain. Your target triangle throughput is 40-50 million triangles per frame. So if your terrain is only 5 million triangles, then just draw it brute force. You should only bother on how you put it into the vertexbuffers..."

Damn... here goes my nifty geomipmap...
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