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Project Alpha

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I've played with SDL and openGL a lot over the last week but haven't really had anything major to show for it. That's because I've been writing utility classes :(

I've really had enough of that and it's about time I wrote something more fullblown so I'd like to announce the beginning of my new project.

Project Alpha

For this project I will be building an Arcade game in 40 hours. This will be much like Hackenslash[1] which was also wrote in 40 hours. There'll be some simple rules to follow and whatever I end up with will be the finished product.

1. The project is finished when the 40 hour mark is hit.
2. All programming and art creation count towards the limit.
3. Play-testing, Debugging and Packaging for Release do not count the limit.
4. 3rd Part Library use should be kept to a minimum and all libraries will be listed.


[1] How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget by Jay Barnson.
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