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Here We Go Again

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Hello everyone.

I just signed up for this year's four elements game competition. I will use this journal to post my notes, thoughts, and progress reports as the year progresses.

Here is some info on the game I am building:

NAME: Shank's Pony
PLATFORM: PC/Mac, browser-based
TECHNOLOGIES: Adobe Flash 8, possibly some HTML/CSS as well.
TYPE: RPG/Trading simulation
GENRE: Historical fiction, with possibly very light fantasy elements
PLAY TIME: Open ended - following the story, perhaps 5 - 10 hours. Treating the world as a sandbox, potentially hundreds of hours.

More info as I continue to hash out exactly what I want to build.
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in before the usual crowd come to welcome a new journal poster.

So that this post isn't useless, I wish you every success with your entry. This contest is shaping up to have some very interesting entries. Out of interest, will you be making a flash 7 version?

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Good luck on your project.

BTW: In "black mode" it's impossible to read.

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I can't read your posts or comments in the black theme. [crying]

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I will probably be building it aiming toward Flash 8, specifically for some of the graphic rendering possibilities. Most of the non-graphic-specific code should work just as well in Flash 7, however.

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