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So, the Day of Portugal fest in Newark was a total blast. SO MANY PEOPLE!

I have hundreds of photos from the streets, but I'm going to post one that I took from an abandoned warehouse today. Me and two buddies wrapped up the photography for the event, so we went exploring down Newark and found a huge gated off warehouse. What else could we do but trespass?

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Urban exploration used to be a really big thing with me, but it more or less died when the city demolished two of the most accessible and biggest UE sites (which I would often show off to other people to demonstrate that we had many secrets even in plain sight inside abandoned buildings in town). The local media also picked up on UE and started screwing it up as newbies joined and ruined the sites for everyone else.

It'd be nicer if I lived in a much older town, but as it stands we have more miles of drain just under downtown (built on a flood plain for some reason) than any other entire city in North America. That means there's lots of draining to be had when it's not raining or snowing (which is about two months of the year).

Gorgeous picture, though.

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