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It's Dead Jim...

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My main windows machine crapped out on Saturday while I was out of the house. I came back to find the machine off, except for the power LED, which was blinking. Power/reset buttons did not help. I removed everything but psu, motherboard, and cpu. Power button merely spun the fans one revolution; the thing wouldn't startup. I swapped out the psu, same effect.

So it pretty much means that the motherboard or cpu simply failed, and given their age I'm going to have to replace both. So then I go online to look around at hardware, since I haven't kept up to date since I got the core of this machine 4 years ago. It looks like even the IDE drives and AGP card are going to have to go if I don't want to limit myself for future expansion.

I mean that wonky computer finally dying isn't too unexpected. I'm glad that at least it isn't some hard drive failure in a few ways, but this is one of the last things I need in the middle of a lengthy job search.

Speaking of which, I'm supposed to hear back about my latest interview tomarrow. Maybe this is just pre-emptive karma...
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Pretty much every PC motherboard has PATA and SATA on the same board. You won't have to lose your disks; I'm running SATA2 and ATA/133 in my main PC right now.

As for AGP, it's dead. Sorry.

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Well, that's good to hear at least... My wife will be thrilled to get my 6800, assuming it doesn't melt her psu.

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