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Update on stuff

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Hmm this blog is a little more neglected then my other, but I guess that's cos I try and keep this one talking about dev stuff.

Well my desktop bit the dust. Advice - do not by MSI Motherboards. This last one lasted me about 2 and a half years. Yeah that's alright if you're living off mummy and daddy and upgrade every few months anyway, but it's a bit of a disaster for ol'Paul. The board before that was also MSI, and that lasted just over a year.

Anyway it's a socket 478, and finding a decent cheap 478 board is a bit of a challenge. I guess I'm taking the risk that it didn't take out my CPU and memory too. Anyway so I'm all geared up for 4E5 but without a desktop (sigh).

Other news, buying a house in Southampton. So that I guess is going to eat up tons of free time too.

My tech is conspiring against me though, not only is my desktop bust, but my ps2 is also shot (which doubles as my dvd player). Car is in for it's MOT (cross fingers). Other annoying little bits and bobs have been giving me trouble too, even the damn vacuum cleaner. Arg!

About a month before 4E5 was announced, I started a pure C# implementation of Ogg Vorbis. Not a translation of the C one either - like the csVorbis and jVorbis ones - but back to spec one. Cos I realised looking through the translations that both the Java and C# implementations are just translations, and don't really play to the strengths of those languages.

It's funny, last year I got distracted by sound too instead of doing my 4E4 entry. Superpig wouldn't cough up the stats for the sound cards in the judges machines, and I was so paranoid that the same problems I was having with one particular test machine with OpenAL (OpenAL versus soundcard vendor thing) that I just tried to get that stuff working. To the point of joining the OpenAL mailing list and all sorts. By the time I did get something almost there, there was not enough time left to complete my entry so I had a few more projects enter my unfinished pile. Meh. That's not blaming Superpig by the way, it was part of the rules, I made a choice and perhaps it was the wrong one *shrug*

Work wise, day job as business app developer wise, things pretty good - actually have to finish that stuff [wink]. Underpaid and all that, but I get on well with the other developers and it almost feels like a family here. Still it's been 5 years now, straight out of uni. I really should move on if things don't improve a lot around here.

So that's it really. Should I manage to clear up the chores of life in time, I'll get down and write a kick-ass 4E5 entry. C# this time around, as that's what I seem to code in most these days anyway, plus it's rapid. C++ is great and all, but realistically speaking I don't think I could code a game as fast in C++ as I could in C# - and time is def my limiting factor.

Oh and at some point I cancelled my GDNet subscription by mistake. So before it ran out I just now updated it. Was pleased to see the extra year was added to my previous expiry date, not today [smile]
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