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Evil Steve


So uhh, yeah. Falling into nettles hurts, m'kay? I was trying to remove a bit of wood for burning material, and it suddenly came loose, flinging me backwards into a pile of nettles. And of course I was wearing a thin T-shirt.
So, after getting to sleep at 1am or so, I was woken up at 5am by my arm throbbing like crazy. And it continued to throb, itch and burn for 25 hours till I got to sleep last night. Wikipedia claims that "the effects of the sting can last up to twelve hours." Lies.

So now, 35 hours later, it's still throbbing and itching, but not burning any more. And it's bloody annoying.

In other news, I have GBP6 to my name until a cheque clears. I had to go and take money out of my ISA so I can afford to come to work. No, it doesn't make sense to me either. The CEO is supposed to be comming to see us today, so hopefully I'll at least get my travel expenses paid (GBP77.90 for last week and this week). Then I can afford to have some lunch. Hooray!
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You know, if you'd just become addicted to painkillers like I told you to, this would never have happened.

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