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Cross-platform ports FTW

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X2 has just been released for Linux. Woohoo, etc.

On a less corporate-shill note, this week sucks. I started out this weekend fighting off a nasty runny nose. Mysteriously, it dried up overnight and hasn't been back since, but it left behind it a mild fever and the general achy malaise that tends to go with being sick. I also have some wicked bad sinus headaches that keep flaring up every few hours, making it basically impossible to get work done.

So instead I've been reading through my Foxtrot comic book collection, which is sadly sparse. I'm down to one last book, and then I may have to fall back to my Calvin and Hobbes stash. As much as I enjoy C&H, starting a marathon would be decidedly unwise - seeing as I own virtually every strip ever published in some format or another, it usually takes me a solid week to get through my whole collection, and that means a week of not getting work done. As much as I want to procrastinate a whole bunch right now, that's kind of not really a good idea, seeing as this 3D engine rewrite thing is sort of critical to finishing the game we're working on.

Le sigh.

I feel a little swamped at the moment. There's this engine stuff for work, plus the Epoch project which I really want to get moving on, the rewrite of the TKC software (which, seeing as I'm still getting a steady stream of faithful donations, I feel like I really should work on again someday), a stack of domestic chores to get done... and that's just "work" stuff. Reading comic books for a day and a half has really, powerfully tempted me to get back into all the other reading I want to do, which I frankly just can't afford the time for right now.

(So why I'm burning time posting this crap is beyond me...)

All in all, I'm in a dangerous funk at the moment, and I really, really, really need to break out of it. Normally at times like this, I'd inspire myself by gaming for a few hours. Unfortunately, the northbridge fan on my gaming rig's motherboard died just before I went to Germany, which leaves that machine unusable. Replacing the fan is fairly easy, but it's one of those "urgh I really can't be arsed" sort of mundane tasks that just keeps getting put off. So, bottom line, I either game on my workstation (urgh for crap hardware specs), my new laptop (urgh for bad ergonomics... hey, that's poetic!), or in my imagination.

I know that if I don't get up off my butt soon and start getting work done, this is going to turn into a long spiral. Feeling sick tends to make me want to bum around a lot and read, which in turn gets me sentimental, which makes me dig up old games, which makes me burn a lot of time. Generally, this also means I don't rest very much, which means I stay sick for a while. And I'm sure you can see where all this leads.

The problem with being in a funk is that you don't want to get out, even if you know you should. Blargh.

"Of course, maybe if I read Masters of Doom again for the bajillionth time, that will motivate me to get going!" Yeah, except it won't, and all it will really do is waste time. The problem is, every time I manage to Alt+Tab over to Visual Studio, my eyes just kind of glaze over and I end up back on GDNet or reading webcomics or whatever.

I need a shot of testosterone or something... anything to get my psyched up and in a "RAHHR FOURTYEIGHTHOUR CODING MARATHON TO DESTROY ALL OTHER GAMES FOREVER GRAHHHH!!!" sort of mood.
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