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The Long and Winding Post (dun dun... dun dun... dunnnnn)

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(God I hate that song)

This months magic number is 402.

I've just noticed that my journal now is the 20th highest thread on I guess that officially qualifies me as a cult of personality. Or perhaps not. Regardless, keep those posts comming.

Several years back, when I was engaging in a flame war somewhere, I made a derogatory post about myself, claiming that I had the attention span of a retarded fruit fly. I fabricated this phrase on the spot because it sounded funny. Since then, I've seen it appear in fark posts, and a person has even adopted the phrase as his name on fark. I rock.

I have even found a reference to this phrase on a neo nazi blog. My cult of personality strikes again!

I watched "Cube" again. It's been years, but I'm watching it and all of a sudden, I screech "OMG! THAT'S DR. RODNEY MCKAY!!!". Yes, Dr. Rodney McKay is in Cube. The most awesomest independent sci-fi-horror-strange flick I've ever seen.

Then, for some retarded reason I decided to watch Cube 2: HYPERCUBE again, despite the fact that I remember it being almost completely awful. The entire movie is basically one big "Hey let's confuse the viewers by using terms we ourselves don't understand because we're idiots!". Ooooh! PSYCHOTIC MURDEROUS HYPERCUBES! HOORAY! They took everything that was good about the first movie, took it out back, beat its brains out, shot it, and then burned the corpse.

The best thing about the first one is that they didn't actually explain anything, they just let your imagination fill in all the holes. We had no idea who was behind the cube or why, etc. We don't know what was on the outside in the first one.

But in the second one, they just HAD to try to explain things in a way that doesn't actually explain anything, and completely ruins the whole feel of the movie. Gah.

I also watched "28 Days Later" again. Halfway through the movie, I shouted out "OMG IT'S THE DOCTOR!!!".

At which point you would say "Doctor who?"

And I would say "Exactly!"

And you, depending on how awesome you are, would say either "Cool!" or "Huh?".

Unfortunately, he's not the doctor anymore. I don't like the new doctor.

On a completely unrelated note, who would win in a battle between a Cylon and a Dalek?

I say the Dalek, but only because they look retarded, which lures people into a false sense of security, at which point the Dalek would start screaming "EX TER MIN ATE EX TER MIN ATE EX TER MIN ATE", get out its death plunger, and exterminate the Cylon.

I rented the Battlestar Galactica miniseries and TV show dvd's (the new ones). Up until then, I had only heard complaints about the show (almost entirely from people on slashdot. Actually ignore that sentence. I refuse to admit that I've ever been to slashdot).

The complaints ranged from

1) Lorne Green isn't in it
2) Starbuck is now a girl
3) They try to be physically realistic but fail miserably.


1) who cares, he's 73 years old and he's dead.
2) What the hell are you talking about? Starbuck is a guy. yeah, he's got boobs, but damn that is definitely a guy. :D
3) Gah, SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF. Who frigging cares? I gave up caring about realistic physics when I saw 2001 and almost fell asleep!

PS: anyone notice the Serenity (from Firefly) in the miniseries flying over Caprica when the president lady gets told she has cancer?

Regardless, I like the new show. A lot.

Air conditioning. I don't have it. I'm considering buying a window air-conditioner for my apartment. The reason is, I'm currently working on my "Don't be so fat anymore" plan, and with the recent hot weather (100+ degrees on my Birthday, May 30th), I missed a few workout days at the end of May. I made them up (with some change to spare) last week when the temperature suddenly dipped back into the 50's again all week, but I'm afraid of what will happen if we have another summer like last year?

My biggest problem is staying on track. I always start a plan, follow it for a few months, and then taper off and eventually just stop it altogether. I cannot afford to do this any longer, so I've been thinking about buying an air conditioner.

But air conditioners cost a lot of money. And they're big and heavy and I'd have to lug it around with me every time I move, too. Furthermore, buying one would set my new computer plans off by at least another month, and I'm getting antsy to upgrade.

Furthermore, my exercise room (living room) doesn't have a window in it, just a large patio door. The only room in my apartment with a window is my bedroom, which is not big enough for me to work out in.

So does this disqualify me from getting a room air conditioner? Or can I cheat and use a small AC unit to condition my entire apartment?

Gah, questions, questions.

In other news, I've been weightlifting for 5 months straight now, which is the longest I've ever been able to keep it up regularly. I'm rather pleased with the results so far, because I can actually feel how large my arm muscles have grown.

Does anyone else hate whiny conceited stuck-up british TV personalities? I happened to catch the first few minutes of "Hells Kitchen" on TV last night, where this stuck-up british cook basically just destroys people's cooking by mocking them very badly. The guy annoyed me, and I kept thinking to myself "Is berating people in a kitchen full of knives and frying pans really the smartest thing in the world to do?"

That gives me an idea. Fox, I bet you could double your viewership if you had one of the contestants take a frying pan to the guys face on air.

That would rock.

I've created a new religion, called "The Church of Futilism". I'm currently writing the scripture for the religion, and I'll eventually post it when I'm done. This isn't a joke or anything, it's real.

The basic premise is this: It is impossible for man to prove or disprove the existence of God/Gods, so therefore any attempt to find such knowledge is ultimately futile and a waste of time.

The church isn't based on pessimism though, as the scripture will greatly expand on mankinds nature as I see it; in fact I think only the first two sentences of the scripture even care about the question of God.

I think that's about it.
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In my house I just went to Costco and bought a portable warehouse fan. It weighs about 25lb because it's made of solid steel, but it can pump out 20mph winds on the "low" speed. It sounds like a jet turbine. The "high" speed knocks picture frames off the wall from 20 feet away and can hold my door shut against regular pushing with the sheer force of wind. I suspect it drops ambient temperature about 10-15'C whenever it's in use.

It is a substantially badass piece of equipment, and is portable and relatively cheap (I think it put me back about eighty bucks all told).

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I already have a fan, a fan won't cut it because I live by Lake Erie and our summers are full of unbelievable amounts of humidity.

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I bet you $5 that if you kill yourself tonight, a few people will follow your lead in the next few weeks around the world.
You're that popular.

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Original post by Mithrandir
I already have a fan, a fan won't cut it because I live by Lake Erie and our summers are full of unbelievable amounts of humidity.

Move here. They're seriously hurting for jobs pretty much anywhere and it's dry as a bone.

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Original post by Mithrandir
Hah! You almost fooled me!

But then I realised that I wouldn't be able to collect on that bet.


Then give me $5

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Original post by Mithrandir
I guess that officially qualifies me as a cult of personality.

Like Joseph Stalin?

and Gandhi?


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Daleks have bumps, so they'd win.

Please support your statement that it's impossible to prove or disprove the existence of a god. If a god showed up at my doorstep tomorrow and offered to prove itself to my satisfaction, then its existence would be proven, at least to me. Epistemologically, your religion needs more work.

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Dear Sir,
Could your religion include a default diety, so I can stop worrying and go with that instead of spending my time not-searching for god?
Make me spin a wheel or something, just gimme something to give offerings to,
like a big 'ol gold statue.

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