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Sleeping (or not)

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There seems to have been some confusion about my sleep schedule in my last post.

So let be briefly clarify how my sleep schedule works:

- When tired, go to sleep. This often means snoozing in my chair, or, sometimes, stumbling over to the couch. Maybe once a week I'll actually make it into my bed.

- When no longer tired, get up and do stuff.

I literally cannot remember my sleep patterns from the last several days, partly because they're totally arbitrary, and partly because I just stopped caring. It's a little weird being totally out of sync with the rest of reality, but I haven't been this consistently rested and alert in literally years, and I generally tend to manage quite long runs of work before slouching back off to zzz-land.

It sounds insane at utterly unhealthy, but so far it's been going great. Working from home has its benefits.

The only currently recorded side effect is pondering hot elven women at 4:30 AM. I'm still not entirely sure if that's a bad thing, though.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


on the subject of hot elven women, might I suggest the book "The Art of the Dragonlance Saga". In particular there is a picture of a ship with a Dragon approaching. There is a certain silver haired elf maid dead center. She has haunted my dreams for years.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


hey Apoch, I wish I found this earlier. Do you have an email or some way for TKC users to contact you, i've got some questions and such I'd love to talk to you about, but if not, thats cool, just update us more often!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Here is another picture of the silver elf maiden described earlier:


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