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Time Left
2 hours 20 in to the build... only another 30 minutes today but I managed to use them quite productively.

Progress Summary

I started by loading in my level format with a .raw file generated in my graphics program. Unfortunately it went a bit beserk as you can see in the first screenshot however I was certain it was right so I handcrafted a level file and it loaded properly. I tried to reload the original file in to my graphics program but that wouldn't have it either... something went wrong with that file indeed!

Next I added the draw code for walls and floor and renderer them in wireframe. It took me a while to get it just right as I kept mixing up the walls and floors... a very silly mistake. There's a lot more faces that needed there for sure and may well remove the faces that are hidden and combine others but for now it's just meant to be quick and dirty.

The first attempt at texturing was a failure but a very obvious one, I'd forgotten to specify the texture co-ordinates! So with a quick fix up everything was displaying as it should do. I was quite happy with my plugin texture manager as I just had to create the object then load the two textures and bob was my uncle. Interestingly it also loads a null texture so if you try and fetch a texture by name and it doesn't exist you get a handy yellow and black stripe pattern instead showing you the mistake visually.

Then I pasted my sprite on to the image just to see what'll look like. I also drew a black pixel border around one of them as suggested by Ravuya and it does make it look better by far! Thanks for the hint! It's certainly looking all a bit grey... investing time in graphics right now though is a no-no as I've seen how much time they can sap up.

Next Goal
My next goal is to sleep as I'm up early tomorrow but for the game it'll be getting the base architecture in place. It was a pure hack to create all the objects in place so I need to figure out what owns what and how something navigates through the object tree as such.
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