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Walk cycle!

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Although this doesn't look like much, this is quite an important step (no pun intended):

It's the first walk cycle I've managed to do with my 2d animation editor. Previously I've only done small test anims (two frames only, with simple stretch/squash) and the past week I've been revisiting it to bring it up to standard.

Last time i stopped work on this it was fully functional (mostly) but it was unweildy and awkward to use. It was also prone to crashing if you did funny things. I'm fixing this up now and I've only had to make a few changes (some simple, some not so) to make it much easier to use.

- I added drawing of all frames in a darker colour so you can see the anim better
- Allowed keyframes to be translated so you can see how movement will look with the anim on the top
- Changed the really annoying "update to keyframe" and "pose from keyframe" buttons. Some loss in flexibility, but that never got used anyway and was really error prone
- Fixed a bunch of crashes with workspaces
- Fixed adding and removing bones after you've created keyframes

I've still got a big list of other improvements I'll be moving on to next. Most obvious would be to add a snap-to-grid feature which you can toggle on and off, and better handling of 'null' workspaces (ie. those that aren't backed by a file system).

And I'm still asking for name suggestions for my elephant!
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