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First Entry Evar!

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Prinz Eugn


Hi, I'm Prinz Eugn, but you may or may not know me better as Sir Sapo's artist guy, you know the one who draws stuff? Maybe not, but regardless I have now taken certain steps to secure my place among the finest of GDnet, or something. Anyway is now the proud owner of some of my former money(s) and I the posseser of a GDnet+ account, which means among a myriad of infinetly more mundane things that I now have a developer's journal at my disposal. I plan to put whatever I've drawn up for our various projects all up on here for your viewing pleasure, which will give me some motivation to do some of the more boring things that I need to do for our new project to have a shot at blowing the pants/skirts/skorts/loin cloths off the 4E5 judges, so expect lots of art for you guys.

Another primary reason for going Fancy-Membership is that I'm going to be attending Carnegie-Mellon University's National High School Game Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. The curriculum is designed around one of their interactive degrees or something, so it's not make-a-game camp, but actual college-level stuff. The overall point in attending is basically to see if I has what it takes to work in the game industry, or if I even really want to. We'll be making a Mod of a game which in all their stuff they don't identify, which is pretty frustrating, but hopefully it'll turn out to be something cool like HL2 and not the original DooM, which while pretty neat (See Scet's Journal), wouldn't give me the top 'o the line experience I want. Well, at least I should get experience with 3D modelling, which although I dabbled with a couple years ago, is definitely not an area of familiarity. It also mentions messing with 'Code', but I'm not sure if that's much more than editing text files ala Torque(which is what the 3D model dabbling was related to). GD net's forums will help me no matter what I need, hopefully.

OK, on to the meat of Journal-land, actual project stuff. I'll start off with a brief review of projects I have worked on so far with the illustrious programming half of the team, Sir Sapo:

Angels 20
This was Sir Sapo's and my first complete game, sort of, it was the most complete game, anyway, with menus and a story, and multiple missions. It's a 2D flight action game where you're an airplane blowing up enemies on the ground. We submitted it to the IGF, but alas it went nowhere, which wast too suprising considering our lack of experience. It's still relatively fun and it's sitting in the GD showcase if you'd like to take a look, I did like doing the art, though, and it looked good if it didn't work too awesome. Here's some of my favorite screens/ art from it:

I like this ship- I drew everything you see in-game(with a couple minor exceptions)

I did this wallpaper, it's you and your enemies and allies over your home carrier

Axis Shift
This is actually an ongoing project, but making such a massive game is not too exciting in the details, so on the back burner it goes. It's going to be a space turn-based strategy game with certain economic components, with the core gameplay revolving around you fighting space fleets composed of many ship classes, all designed and drawn by me. Here's some of the cooler stuff from this project:

This is a screenshot- still haven't too much UI stuff

Here's what I really like to draw- Badass spaceships

This is the most recent, I like the color(It's going to be an 'ace' unit)

Angels 22
This is our most pressing project, meant for 4E5, and it's a sequel to Angels 20. Sir Sapo and I were going to make a multiplayer online thingy called Dogfight Online, but HopeDagger threatened our lives for trying to steal market share from Skirmish Online(not really), and then the 4E5 elements came out and we decided that we could easily make a sequel to Angels 20 that fit the requirements. We also had many months of experience and leftover ideas from Angels 20 that we could use to make the sequel many times more awesome than the original, with all the stupid stuff fixed and all the ideas implemented properly, so here's that what's been accomplished so far:

Level Editor:

Some Airplanes, before Angels 22 was conceived:

Note: Mushu is using some of my art from a failed project of ours in his game, so check that out too, it's looking sweet.

So yeah, that's what's up with me, hopefully my future journal entries will be more concise- tommorow I'll detail more stuff that's going on with Angels 22, like figuring how we're going to fit Emotion into a 2D flight action shooter, or at least emotions other than "Napalm-glee".

So see you next time!
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Hey! Good to see you got your own GDNet+ journal. You have recieved the complementary rating++ award.

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Thankya! Yeah, hopefully Sir Sapo will do some cool in game stuff on the programming side, I have a cool idea for a mission that involves some physics, well not really mission, more like "target" but it should be interesting anyway.

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Wooo!, pretty pictures on a first journal entry so......Welcome to Journal land! here be some treasure +

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Welcome :) BTW ive been looking for a project, ask Sir Sapo for me if he would be interested in another programmer will ya? Thanks!

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Wow, thanks for the feedback guys- I'll put up a new entry soon, I'm having trouble with FTP and it's a crapshoot with GD's servers right now.

@Falling Sky- I'll talk to him (he's gone until Friday), but all he'd give you would be the boring stuff, I'm afraid :/ We could use some more help on Axis Shift, though.

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