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For those keeping score, I didn't get the job at my University, despite having my supervisor on the selection committee. Since the selection process is now over, I can actually talk to my supervisor to arrange what I'm going to do in the future. We are supposed to have a meeting this week (I hope) to discuss it.

On to the development stuff....

The 'dream' game that I've been brainstorming with my friend lately is "Pantaloons: Weird Beards' Treasure". The following is some of the concept art and model tests for it (all drawing/textures by Chris).

Title screen.

Concept drawing for the two different types of pirates (there'll be maybe 2 more variations).

The 3D textured model in the DirectX model viewer. The model is 109 polygons, and was built using Cinema4D, textured using MS Paint.

The idea

Pantaloons is a third-person action/adventure game, with more focus on action than adventure. The battles will involve 200+ pirates at a given time, which is why the models are really low-poly (they're also a lot easier to model with limited skills). The main purpose (for me) is to stress test my camera system, making sure it handles large numbers of dynamic entities without crapping itself. It will also have to handle in-game cinematics on-the-fly.

The game world is segregated so that each 'adventure' takes place on a single island. The goal at the moment is to get a single island built and working, which in itself should provide 1-2 hours of play time. The game can then be extended by adding new adventures by creating new islands. That's the plan anyway.

There's not much more to the current game design than what I've provided, since Chris is busy with work, and I'm busy starting new projects and never finishing them. It's getting out of hand, I really need to dedicate myself to finishing (or abandoning) some of these projects.
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Original post by johnhattan
oooh, Spongebobesque.

To be honest, I'd never really noticed that before [smile]. Seems obvious now though.

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