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Is the probey on Rescue Me gay now? What happened?

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Alright, so things have been getting progressively better at work.

Each project has an appointed person whose role is "delivery assurance" (doesn't that just reak of Dilbert or something?) - who does what the title implies. So I got my frustrations up through the grapevine and ended up convening a team meeting to discuss what was going on. Basically this just meant telling people in no uncertain terms where the division of labor was going to be - and exactly how our testing system would be structured. This is all stuff that had been worked out previously, but I think a combo of time crunch and incompetence had been slowly chipping away at it.

In the end it was give and take - I've still lost some, but I think the probability of future problems is quite low now. We're about 3 weeks out from the expected deadline, and although theres still a lot to do, I feel confident it can all be done.

I've got a working test harness now, and today I started running some of the tests that have been written - that was depressing. It's becoming increasingly suspect that the customer wasn't 100% forthright about the state of the software they gave us - a number of things don't work, are buggy or don't work as documented.

To sum it up, the project as a whole is basically to take an existing code base for a piece of hardware and certify it for flight. That involves sort of two steps, number one porting the code to the certified version of the OS, and number two actually doing extensive formal testing. So far neither one is working out well.


In the non-work world, I'm kind of disappointed that Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War is getting such poor reviews. I had decent hopes that it would be a neat RTS, but I don't think I'm going to waste my $50. At the moment I'm playing through Prince of Persia: Sands of Time as my friend bought all 3 in the series and will lend them to me while we're out on summer break.

I also never realized car insurance was such a bitch. I had really been under the impression that Massachusetts and its system of non-competition among auto insurance providers made us pay more than everybody else. But actually, I've gotten quotes for insurance when I got back to school in Illinois and they are all DOUBLE what I am paying now. It's ridiculous, I might as well pre-emptively give them my first born son for the amounts they are charging me.
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I don't think the probie is gay as much as he is bizarrely confused. I haven't watched any episodes of Season 3 yet, but I think he just fails to pay attention to about 99.999% of the things happening around him. [grin]

He's still one of my favourite characters.

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Even more confusing than the ending that alluding to him being gay:

Halfway through he's filling out a transfer form and he calls his mom to ask how old he is. Seriously, how do you not know something like that? He had actually put the wrong age on his form.

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