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The Reason For GTL...

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Now, some time back I embarked upon the process of writing the GTL, but somewhere along the line the reason WHY I started writing it got lost, today however I found it again.

I was about to start work on MD5 animation stuff, but todo this I was gonna need a major refactor and rearrangement of the current code, as the addition of shadowing to my MD5 render had made things a little more complex.

During this I realised I needed some way to load textures from a base directory... it was at this point I remembered I wrote the GTL to act as a backend for just such a system!

So, over the next few days/weeks I plan to design a texture and/or resource system, I'll also be documenting the process and posting everything here, either at the or over time [smile]

The plan is to try and make things pretty customiseable, however that'll all depend on the design... the good thing is, I'll get a chance to flex my UML skils I picked up at college last year, heh, lets see if that 2:1 in Object Design was a fluke or not [grin]

Anyways, hopefull you guys will find this intresting and ofcourse, all code etc will be zlib released [smile]

In other news; newest GTL code is now up at sourceforge vis SVN. I've not made a full release yet, I need to check the docs are in sync and a few other things, but if you want to check it out and give me some feed back then please do [smile]
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I have to say that I like your motto the best. "Not dead... ...dreaming". That is really cool.

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