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Ok, screw a key-based game. I hate them with all my heart and will never ever make another one. Ever.

Anyway, here is what I have:

    Stats and what they affect
  • Strength - Carry weight, melee damage, thrown damage
  • Endurance - Hit points, mana points, regen rate, mana regen rate
  • Dexterity - Ability to hit, ability to dodge, ranged/thrown aim, initiative, theiving skills
  • Intelligence - Spell effectiveness, mana points, mana regen rate
  • Charisma - Reaction, dialogue, party relations, shop buy/sell values, persuasion
  • Luck - almost every action
  • Wisdom - Riddle/question answers, item identification, earned experience

Item Creation System
Requires a flask and ingredients
Bigger potions require a larger flask and more ingredients
No varying-quality ingredients

Requires blade, hilt, and handle
Blades can be created
Set parts can only be combined with the rest of the set (i.e. Programmer16's Blade of Death requires Programmer16's Hilt of Death and Programmer16's Handle of Death (ph34r the Handle of Death)

Armor (cuirass, leggings, guantlets, greaves, helm, and shield)
Requires only the material (metal or leather)
Can include overlays and underlays (for example, silk underlay (for comfort), leather material, and chainmail overlay)
Multiple materials may be used (iron for the main armor and gold for the decoration/trim)
Decoration does not alter the defense value
Material varies in quality (for example, low quality iron ore, high quality pure iron, etc.)

Accessories (rings, earrings, and necklaces)
Requires only a chunk or two of metal
Can include decoration (jewels, gold trim, etc)

Skill System
The skill system is a little odd at first. Each time you level up you gain skill points. You can then use those skill points to learn a skill from a teacher (as long as you meet the requirements.) Meaning, you can learn any skill available (again, as long as you meet the requirements.)

Skill leveling is also a little different. Instead of using skill points to level up a skill, you just use it. Practice makes perfect[wink]. As you use each skill it will gain experience and level up automatically. As it levels up the skill will evolve and become more powerful (I'll do my best not to make a skill go from really nice to incredibly sucky.) For example, the fireball skill might gain some sort of heat-seeking ability, split into two fireballs, or gain a larger radius (the differences will be better than this, it's just an example. Also, I do see the oddity of a fireball being heat-seeking.)

item Imbuement System
Items contain a certain amount of slots. During quests you'll find either jewels or charms. You can insert these into an open slot on an item. Jewels come in 4 versions (pretty much crap, ok, good, and godly) whereas charms come in ranges (general/low, decent, and perfect.) 3 of a lower version of jewels can be combined to make a higher version jewel.

The main difference between charms and jewels are: jewels have only one effect whereas charms can have multiple, jewels have a very small variance (for example, between 13-17 for a crap jewel) whereas a charm has a larger variance (maybe 10-23 for a general/low charm), charms are a lot rarer (perfects are extremely rare), charms can take up more than one spot (they can take 1, 2, or 3 slots), and some charms give their effects by just being held.

Weapons and armor can have up to 6 sockets.

Accessories only have a single socket.

Jewels and charms can be removed at anytime.

There will probably be a way to add sockets to items.

Any comments/suggestions/questions? Speak your mind, I promise I won't bite[wink].
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