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The Location of the Story

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I have decided to place my game in early 11th century Georgia, on the shore of the Black Sea.

Next step: Study up on Georgian history, culture, flora, fauna, exports, crops and geography


I have recently been informed that, for the purposes of the contest, Georgia is not part of Europe. Ah, well... it was worth a shot. So now I need to decide whether to place it in Turkey or Ukraine. And then find out what those places were like in the eleventh century. Or if they were even there... more when I make my next decision.
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I don't think they had time to play too many games in 11th century Georgia ;)

Heh. Actually, I am working on that part. Hoping my studies give me some direction in the finer details of the politics and general chaos in the region at the time.

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Before you spend too long researching Georgia, note that it isn't actually listed on superpig's abridged map of Europe, along with Russia and a bunch of other borderline countries.

I'd hate to see your game disqualified on a piddling little triviality!

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Of all the... O fer the luvva...


A little more research is in order apparently. I need to decide whether the game will take place in Ukraine or Turkey.

I'll get back to you-all on that one.

Thanks for the heads-up.

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