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Seems like an odd thing to have printed on your body forever to me. It's possible I'm not 45 56 49 4C enough, though.

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Damn right you're pure evil [wink]. Nice tattoo!

Mine would be:
42 4F 52 4E
54 4F
43 4F 44 45

Or something equally geeky.

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Cookies all around! Im getting bowser put on my wrist with the pure evil, and im getting mario and pure good put on my other arm. It will look like there having a "Battle of Good vs Evil" when I put my arms together. Im also getting the international power symbol on my neck

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Yeah! I want to get the whole ASCII table (non-extended) on my back! Then if anyone mutters to themselves, "crap, what was the code for the tilde...' I can tear my shirt off and aid them. [lol]

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That's awesome! I saw 6 comments and knew everyone would have got it but I still had to decode it myself before checking :D

But I have to ask, why get LADY BOYS tatooed on your arm? :P

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