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It's an Omen

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Before I kick off with an update on the game check out this:

666 baby! I've actually had paranoid people at work tell me I'm not allowed to use that number for test data!

Time Used
Yeah it should really be Time Used... so far it's 2 hours 50 minutes. Another 30 minutes and again graphics sucked up my time but I think you'll agree that this was time well spent.

Progress Summary
I decided to throw together a quick composition of what the screen will look like during play. I think this goes a long way to identifying what the game will be like and it's really motivated me.

You can see the health bar and power up bar for 4 players here! I'm going to work on composing each of the elements in openGL next. I also dropped on some fake score text. The Level will sit in the middle as seen in the previous screenshots but with a better camera angle. I may well leave a black border as then I can add some cool effects like the whole room shaking about or rubble flying off level. We will see. The Status bars at the bottom look a bit wrong because I didn't flip the health and power up bars graphically.

Next Goal
I still have the base architecture to do but I'm avoiding that for just this moment. I may well get these status bars in game so it starts looking more like a game (without the text) or the other route is the underlying architecture then the entity code so you can start moving stuff about. Lots of options open to me now so I can do what I feel like at any given moment.

Input Poll

Would you be happy with the following control schemes:
1. XBox-360 Gamepad (optimal)
2. Keyboard and Mouse.
3. Other 2 Analog stick controller.
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Recommended Comments

Looking spiffy!

(And don't worry about the lackage of comments; it's like that to most people who start out. As we see more of what you've got in store for us, the fans will start knocking down your door soon enough :P)

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I think I'd still use a mouse and keyboard [wink].... Although I do have an old sidewinder gamepad.

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I'm going a bit controversial on the whole controls issue. I know this has been done before somewhere but not very often.

L-Stick = left, right, up, down but does not turn the character to face that direction!
R-Stick = look in direction you press

R-Trigger = Swing Weapon
L-Trigger = Hold Block

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