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How to do everything wrong

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1. Move directories around (thus messing up your include paths) before packaging up your first beta.

2. Release a beta one without any way for testers to post bugs short of emailing you.

Both are fixed now. If you're a tester, check out http://www.thecodezone.com/bugs.html to post 'em. I found the best bug database in the world, following these three criteria.

1. Free. Nuff said.

2. Very simple. I don't need to be able to assign bugs to programmers or do a hundred other things. I just need people to be able to post bugs and see if I fixed 'em. This one has about a half-dozen fields I don't need, but it's pretty close.

3. Allows anonymous bug posting. WHY ON EARTH most bug databases don't allow anonymous bug posting is beyond me. A bug report is a precious gift that's worth its weight in gold, as it is one less bug that'll be found after you go 1.0. Forcing the giver of such a precious gift to go through ANY layers of bureaucracy in order to get his bug to you makes less than no sense.

To misquote the first episode of the "Wonder Woman" TV series, "I stopped a criminal, but I'm the one who has to fill out forms?"

Oh, and I'll post the ones that have already been emailed to me. No problem there.
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