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I hath wrought... Bridge?

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Prinz Eugn


Hey guys, I'm back for journal entry 2 -hopefully with more up to date stuff on our projects, first I'll start off with some of the art I've finished for Angels 22:

Bridge. Just a standard highway bridge for the player to destroy, probably as part of a mission objective, please pardon the lack of shore(and Sapo's default sky color-too green).

Nothing too fancy, though I did mess up the destruction levels, which you probably don't know too much about, so I'll talk about those... In Angels 20, everything was in tiles and each tile had three damaged alternate states, so you would bomb a buillding once and it'd switch to the first destroyed image, bomb it again, and it'd go to the next worst image and so on. But while making these bridge images I accidently saved over the first destruction level with the second(I build off the previous image), but when I realized it, I decided it didn't matter much because I didn't even notice much of a difference between them, after all how many bombs could a bridge take before being rubble, anyway?

Another thing: even though this game isn't tiled, the buildings and stuff are, so these tiles will be able to make all sorts of bridge lengths.

In the game I hope we implement cool physics, so for example, if you blow a hole in the bridge with a vehicle on it, it will fall to the ground along with bridge chunks and explode ala any action movie ever made, which would give us that extra cool factor for the 4E5 judges.

I also did the first of many mountain cabin type things, as most of the game will take place in much more mountainous terrain compared to Angels 20(thanks to Sapo's heightmap skilz), particularly the Caucasus of Eastern Europe. Here it is:

Yeah, not too dazzling, fully damaged, though.

I'll have a fancy Partisan Fighter for you guys either later tonight or tomorrow, along with a cool mission idea Sapo and I came up with.

Ok, I haven't really gone into much detail about it, so let me explain the whole setting of Angels 20-22, because that's rather important to what the hell is going on in the game:

You are the pilot of an near-ish future advanced tactical fighter-bomber part of a larger experimental program to develop a mobile multirole strikeforce, mainly composed of small but highly automated aircraft carriers.
For Angels 20, you were sent out from your base in the US with little warning to the Carribean to stop the Nuevo Cuban invasion of neighboring islands.
"Nuevo Cuba, WTF?", you may be asking yourself, but let me elaborate: the world has undergone a massive economic crash(for some reason, I ain't a economi-arian) by this time, with the countries such as China and Russia (and Cuba) taking a huge loss, causing the radical reactionary forces of the National Communist Movement to take control of these countries.
They are of course, pretty evil, and it's your job to teach them the ideals of American democracy and capitalism via such classic routes such as free McDonald's and even free-er Napalm.
The major situation in this game revolves around when the National Communists, or 'N-commies', begin an invasion of eastern Europe through Russia. Under the forcers of NATO 2, it's your job to support the land forces there and turn the tide, possibly culminating in a battle over a mountain fortress-headquarters.

We decided on having the enemies be communists out of a sort of vague nostalgia for the cold war, and because it'd be pretty funny to spout obvious propaganda in-game from both sides. Sort of a flight action satire, if you will.

(Plus you can't beat the Sickle and Hammer for an Emblem)

That's all for now, Thanks for reading, sorry there's not too much exciting to report.

-Mark the (1337) Artist
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