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The Good and the Bad

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The Good

Been getting some nice/slow progress on Skirmish done. Slow because of both pending exam(s), my job search, and Admiral Overalls. But like I (almost) always say: a little progress is far better than none. Today I decided to glitz up the Hosting window a little more, with a better mode-selection and a map thumbnail:

Unfortunately GDI+ is slow, so the bigger/busier maps take a second or two to load. I'll need to think of a way to get around that elegantly when people start making bigger maps!

The Bad

My "Admiral Overalls" motivation is rock-bottom at the moment. In ye olde days, this the point where I'd say "nuck this!" and quit the project. But I'm far l33ter now, so I just fall into a lapse of depression until I get back on the horse again.

The only problem is: this time around, time counts! The contest ends June 30th, and I should be roughly half-way done. Well, I'm not. I'm still struggling to get the (very buggy) map editor finished so that Draffurd can start pumping out some content. My lack of extensive C# experience (especially with SDL.NET) combined with the time limit is really nerve-wracking.

On the upside, I did implement object placing/deleting, which includes the player start-point, tomatoes, and various fruit. (The fruits being collectable for 'points' of a trivial nature)

But it'll get done. By George, it'll get done! Whenever I feel down, I just look below for motivation:

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Alas, I've had my unmotivated days, just try to take a short intensely distracting break then get back in thar. Or guilt yourself, which what I always end up doing.
Oh, and I lub u 2


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Whenever I get motivated something like boost::bind comes along and crashes the compiler. *sigh*

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Welcome to work under pressure [smile]

Some people (like me) are just plain messed up in the head, and actually kind of enjoy it. I can imagine the unpleasantness though, especially if you're used to having a totally free schedule.

Hang in there, and good luck. Oh, and you darn well better finish that game, because if you fail to complete a perfectly good Keen clone in my presence, there will be pain [razz]

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Lately I've been forcing myself to do ten minutes a night on each of my game projects; that way I always make constant progress and sometimes it tweaks off a bit of my brain that makes me do an eight or ten hour stretch.

The hardest part really is getting your IDE open and starting to screw around with your code. I've really been making the editor less sucky so I have a robust platform to build the game on (I'm adding actor placement and editing today).

Those ten minutes can fit into anything in your day. Even if you get home very late at night and have to sleep right away or have been studying all day, I'm sure you can scrape together 10 minutes to freshen up a map or make your game better. This is the key to indie success.

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What kind of job are you looking for?

My company has recently open an office in Canada and my predecessor is heading up a major part of the proceedings.

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