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I added _1 which fixed everything... forgot about that, hur hur.

For the uninitiated - boost::bind is secretly a pile of steaming evil which will burn your eyes out if you ever even THINK ABOUT looking at the implementation.

And, for that matter, boost::spirit will destroy your soul if you ever speak its name. The only reason I'm still alive right now is because I managed to throw ravuya into the giant pillar of fire right after I typed the above. That's right ravuya. Buuuurrnnn.

Best story ever.
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I'm going to have to come back from the grave to show you the error of your ways, Spawn-style.

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When I'm finished there won't be enough left of your body to do much harm. Unless you get your dirty dust particle self into my lungs and give me cancer or something. And even then I'd probably blame something stupid like cellphones or cosmic radiation before even thinking about it being because of you.


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