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Still orthogonal! And still the same perf??

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Mike Bossy


So I started working on the optimizations to my rendering engine. To give a little background on what I was trying to do was to improve the batching of my primatives to cut down on the number of texture changes and D3D Draw calls. It definitely took longer than I had hoped but I now how a simple but effective batching system in place.

The good news is that I maintained the orthogonality of the engine. The batching system doesn't care what objects are being rendered or in what order, it just tries to batch things intelligently.

The bad news is that after all this work I am seeing a net gain of...... zero. No noticable perf improvements at all. Doing some reading I'm not surprised. Since my current game is a small casual game I'm not rendering that much per frame. It seems that you don't really see huge improvements from batching until you have a critical mass of primitives to render. While it kind of sucks that I'm not seeing any real improvements from my latest work at least I know once I get into more flashy games or partical systems I'll be ready. :)

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Usually reducing batching will only help you out when you are CPU bound. Have you tried using PIX or nVPerfHUD yet? They might be able to tell you a little bit more precisely where the bottleneck is.

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I'm getting ready to pull out PIX to see where things are. Although I'm not really trying to fix a bottleneck, just trying to ramp up overall perf. Currently I'm not running into any major blockers, I just want to see if I can improve throughput.

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What kind of framerate are you achieving, and what framerate are you trying to get to (on your test system)? I'm just curious more than anything - most of my applications become fill rate bound since my test system (a GF5200) has a relatively low pixel shading performace.

Also, if you are going to increase the performance of the app (Assuming you mean framerate) then there has to be a bottleneck. Something in the pipeline must be slower than the others, otherwise you wouldn't need to increase performance! Unless of course all of the pipeline stages are equally balanced, which could be the case for a casual game...

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