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Yes yes, I'm an idiot...

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Evil Steve


I found why my pointer was null. I released it and set it to null when the login server times out. How do I know when it times out? Because m_timeLoginServerTimeOut > time(NULL). But I forgot to reset m_timeLoginServerTimeOut after releasing it. So the condition was met during the next loop. When I used the debugger, the login server managed to send the data before the second loop through, so the condition wasn't met. Whoops...

My socket code is nearly ready for a test. I want to do a bit more testing and stuff before submitting it to GDNet to test though. And I'm warning you - It's horrible. I'll be asking for suggestions to improve it's speed / readability too. Hopefully I'll have that done by this weekend, then I can do some actual work to the client.

I got my contract signed, and my travel expenses for the first month signed off. I was told I'll get travel expenses for "at least the first 3 months". If they don't pay me travel expenses after then, I intend to point out that I can't afford to travel to glasgow to work on my current salary if my travel expenses aren't paid. So I'm still keeping an eye out for other jobs in or around Edinburgh. Someone I know (Not a friend really) suggested I move in with him in Glasgow, but he irritates me. And I wouldn't really like to live in Glasgow anyway.

Not much else to day really. I managed to leave my back at work the other day, so I missed out on a couple of hours of reading Game Programming Gems 6. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it so far, and I should be finished midway through next week, or the end of it. I plugged in my laptop yesterday and found the battery was flat, despite me charging it to 50% 3 days previously. So I hope the battery isn't buggered, or my plans for working on the train may be slightly hampered.

EDIT: Linky. I finally got around to putting my horrible socket code up and asking people to debug. So, if you have some free time, please have a look at it. ++ratings to anyone who has useful suggestions on how to improve it, or manages to fix it.
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