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I'm doing something I've never done before.

Since my debut in the world of Internet forums back in 1998, I've always used the same avatar, everywhere, with no exceptions: the Lunaris from FF6. It's gone through a couple of variants, including a transparent version and the present blue background, but other than that it's always been the same - comforting, familiar, and ready to rip the lungs out of wayward thieves treasure hunters.

But now, in tribute to Stompy's bizarre find, I must do the unthinkable: for a short time (read: until I get scared and revert), I will be changing my avatar to....

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You have to get the close up of his face before he breaks the rock in two. That part made me burst out in laughter.

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You need a better close-up. You can see the hairs in his nostrils in the movie clip.

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