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Ok, so you guys remember that bitch who accused me of harassment last week?

She sent me a note, asking to meet me for lunch. Despite my better judgement, I went to see what she has to say. Cause that sounds extremely messed up that she wants to go for lunch after what she did.

Anyway, we talked over lunch, and she was telling me some bullshit. Unfortunately, she was getting really into it, and with her horrible language skills, she didn't manage to make much sense. But I was basically able to extract from her what evidence she has from me.

Here is a summary: Nothing.
She has two books that I've sent her from Amazon (book description, not the actual books): "How to date a white woman." and "The alphabet of manliness."
She claims those are her evidence that I'm racist and sexist. I couldn't help but to laugh my ass off.

When I figured out that she has absolutely no proof, I started acting like a total ass [grin]. She was quite surprised that she needs proof if she wants to take the action further, which only made me make fun of her more.

So I kind of got tired of all the bullshit, and she seemed like her voice was shaky. To avoid making a scene, I just got off and left. And told her that I won't talk to her again.
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You should have done what I said though, and gather evidence by getting her to constantly try to meet you, while you brush her off until a later time. Then instead of her claiming that you harrass her, you claim that she won't leave you alone. Get a court order so she can't speak to you or come within 50 metres of you. That would be LOL... especially if you go somewhere that she was, because then she would be legally forced to leave! LOL!

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Original post by Pouya
To avoid making a scene, I just got off and left. And told her that I won't talk to her again.

Getting off in front of her might be taken as sexual harassment. Unless you're getting off of her, then it's DEFINITELY sexual harassment.

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