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Partisan Fighters

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Prinz Eugn


Hola not an enormous update but things did get done, namely

Well today I decided to switch gears a little bit and do an upscaled version of this image:

Which is of the primary aircraft you're going to be flying around shooting stuff in Angels 22, the totally fictional F/A-42 Partisan Fighter-bomber.
There's a long lineage behind it I'll spare you the details, but it's essentially something that we've had in our games for a long time that we sort of identify with for what we've made.
The original Partisan sprite is here:

and was one of the first sprites drawn for Angels 20 and is going to be the main in-game sprite for Angels 22, but today I decided we needed a fairly large version to use in some cut scenes, so I drew that up here:

It's not quite done, it's needs markings and such, but I was bored so I decided to skip that and go directly to the last mission's iteration, the Partisan 'Unhappy Ops' version:

I was going to talk about that cool mission idea, but I haven't got what I wanted to finished, so you'll have to wait until tommorow or saturday.

Cricket Warz
In more personal news, my house as of late has been beseiged by crickets, and not those Disneyesque top hatted kind, but these giant black desert ones that look like roaches who have recieved andosterone injections into their hind legs. They are disconcerting when you see them crawling across your half-lit room floor, and annoying when they start chirping from behind a dresser five feet away from your head.

Luckily they aren't super smart, and tend to freeze when they see you, but they can be hard to catch when they jump two feet into the air to get to the safety of said dresser. Plus, having a giant cricket squirming in your hand isn't great feeling, either, because catch and release is the mandated policy of this household.

Such is the life living inside a house built into a hillside in a desert- tommorow I'll discuss the food web inside my bathroom. Well, maybe.

Sapo will be home tomorrow, so maybe then there'll be something interesting to talk about.
Until then, feel free to give me some beloved feedback about anything I drew or talked about.

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Unfortunately we can't use insecticides because of my sister's parakeets, because they are hypersensitive to stuff in the air, like aerosols.
Plus most of the bugs in our house take care of eachother- remember that food web I mentioned? Totally true, I'll elaborate tonight, perhaps.

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