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OK, I think I have some semi-finalized plans for my 4E5 entry. It ook the maze game idea and tweaked it a bit to make a (as far as I know) unique game, that will hopefully be fun and more importantly, satisfies all 4 elements. I am trying to go more for humor than graphics really, though graphics hopefully will be decent... Here it goes:

You and you girlfriend are on an american reality/game show. You are "dropped" in random European cities and forced to navigate to various landmarks. Your girlfriend is honestly quite the b*tch and hates walking and spending time with you. Therefore you must keep her happy by buying various items (chocolate, flowers, etc.) while navigating the city, or she will refuse to move.

Europe: Yes, all the levels will be in well known European cities
Economics: Yup, you will be able to buy maps, compasses and gifts for your girlfriend.
Emotion: Your girlfriend will easily get bored an begin whining. If you ignore her too much she will get angry and refuse to move. Her current emotional level will be viewable (possibly in some GUI element).

Emblem is still a bit open. My best idea was to make a symbol for a fake network running the show and have it appear in the levels at certain points. It could also be all over the loading screens and such.

This seems like a fairly simple concept that can be quickly implemented (in 2D or 3D actually) and polished for the remaining time. Of course, I suck at modelling and texturing, so I may need help at some point. Voice actors may also become necessary at some point...

I still am working out some implementation details. A first person camera would be easy, but a 3rd person view could creaate the illusion of "cameramen" and would provide a better view of the map. Of course, then I need models for the people... Also, I am not sure if I should make some premade maps, or do them procedurally. Of course, maze creation algorythms are fairly easy, so i may do both...

If you have any insights into possible game mechanics or how to make it more fun, chip in. If you think the game idea totally sucks, feel free to post alternatives, of course remembering my skill level. Then again, I honestly do not plan on winning (or coming close), I am doing it to finally have a completed 3D game (hell, a completed anything for that matter).

Anyway, enough about 4E5. I finally got the details for a job I applied for back east. It looks like I am going to be an RA for a high school summer camp for game development. I basically make sure no campers kill each other or run away at night and get the daytime off (since they have "classes" to attend). It seems like a fairly easy and fun job; more importantly, I'm out of my parents house and back on my own!
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