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Evil Steve


Something is leaking palettes and I don't know what. I blame the engine. I've been debugging this for 2 hours today (Another hour and a half till I give up), and about4 hours yesterday.

In other news, I'm still no closer to getting my socket code working. I've got two choices:

  • Fallback to something really simple that works (I.e. using select and only allow up to 64 clients in my tests)

  • Start again, and build things up very slowly, using CSocket to delegate all calls except simple accessors to CSocketManager, and have CSocketManager refer to CSocket as a struct (Access its members directly). And only implement in small pieces (Only recv, only send, send/recv, only accept, only connect, accept/connect, everything together)

I'm leaning towards #2, because I really want to get this code working. If there was more than just me working on this, I'd definitely go for #1, since then someone could work on the socket code, and someone could work on something else. But since it's just me, that would just mean that I can do something else, and I'd end up throwing away the old code. I think I'll restart the socket code during my lunch break today actually. And hope it works...
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I was about to suggest, why don't you use some other well-made networking engine?

Or just go for option 1. It's highly unlikely that you'll have more than 64 people playing your game [grin]

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Use option #1; hopefully you've coded in such a way that if you wanted to swap out for a better networking model later it wouldn't cause too much trouble.

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