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We are pushing to tighten up the gameplay and wrap up this demo.

One of the changes we are making is to simplify the controls. Right now you can fire one handed, which is less accurate, or you can fire two handed with a a laser sight, which is more accurate. Further, one handed firing allows you to move, but two-handed doesn't.

Instead, we are going to stick with the two-handed firing with the laser sight, and allow you to move while firing. Moving will still decrease your accuracy according to your speed.

To visually show the accuracy, we are going to jitter the laser sight accordingly. This should be a clear way to teach the player that standing still increases accuracy.

Some of the recent changes :

1) You can now switch to the PDA / Symbol Scanner as your 'weapon'

2) You can use the symbol scanner to scan symbols carved into the levels. This will give you access to new areas and weapon upgrades.

3) The shot explosions look cooler after adding a scrolling texture instead of just a flat sphere.

4) the bolt glows once again match the bolt colors.

5) Added the teleport effect. Another scrolling texture. Looks cool.

6) Player can drop a weapon, as he is limited to 3 weapons plus the PDA / scanner.

5) PDA scanner model added to the game.

6) Added improved sounds, including the hand cannon getting a more bassy blast.

7) Walking sound fixed again

Here are a couple of shots taken this morning during a furious firefight at the temple :

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question - aiming with a fps is simple but 3rd person is practically impossible so what solution do u use

i assume u cast a ray out from the players gun + place the icon at the first intersection do u also implement autoaim?
is it a fast paced game, if so i believe implementing a 3rd person aim is impossible
the only method is to do what gears of war is doing (if u look at video u see they are plainly shooting from the camera + not from the player that u control's gun) r u doing it this way?

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Re : aiming

Yes, we find the end of the player's gun, and cast a ray out 1000 meters to find the first thing hit, and then draw the glow sphere at that point.

The camera matches the gun direction 99% of the time, so we have not had a problem with aiming. There is auto-aim code in there, but it's turned off right now. Later on we will have a slider for this.

We also changed it so that the laser sight always appears while aiming, so you can always see where your guy is aiming, even in the rare case where the camera is off to the side. Last night we added a tiny jitter to the aiming laser when you are not firing, and a larger jitter when firing. This gives the player an idea of how accurate his shots are.

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thanks for the reply, in the top screenshot the guy is off to the left so i cant see how it works accuratly (but if youre happy with your method then thats all thats important)
basically this single issue was the one thats caused the most grief to me in my game, it in fact prompted the huge change from a 3d shooter to an easier to aim 2d shooter

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