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I hate auto-fringing

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Okay, I worked until 5am this morning and got my map system working and was like "HELLS YEA!!!." So, I start thinking of some demo maps to make and I realize - every tile is fringed; EVERY tile. So, a stair tile would be fringe, a castle wall would be fringed, everything. So I figure, I'll just limit it to the first 16 tiles (that should be plenty for terrain types.) So I go to my code to start making the changes and I can't get it to work without a complete rewrite[sad].

So, I once again ask you guys for your opinion - should I go with an un-autofringed (I'll put the transitions in by hand) map system or go with the splatmap system I had showed a while ago?

Hand-fringed map system
Pros: Looks decent, buildings and other things can be tiles, and easy to animate.
Cons: I have to hand fringe maps (which can go up to 160x160 tiles), is being a real bitch

Splatmap system
Pros: Looks less tiled, REALLY easy to make a decent looking map, map can easily be modified, easy to animate, and can make water look more realistic.
Cons: Cuts my map size down by 1/5th (tile-based map would be 5120x5120 for a 160x160 map whereas the splatmap system would be 1024x1024.)

Come up with a new map system
Pros: Would actually be challenging (I've done tilebased and the splatmap system so many times I could do it in my sleep), might be able to come up with something really nice, and would probably look a lot better.
Cons: Would probably come up with something really crappy, I'd have to start over, and it would probably take 2-4 weeks to devise a decent system.

Any suggestions?

Oh screw it. I'll stick with tile-based. Only the terrain will be tiled, everything else will be textures.
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I do, I really do. That is if it didn't give me memory problems everytime I try to start a new project, had a better UI layout, had entity placement, and didn't chop my tileset to hell.

It's honestly a great program with a good featureset, just not what I'm looking for. The layering makes my fringing hella easy (for doing it by hand.) I've been making my mockups with it and if I had to go with one, it'd be TileStudio.

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